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Cosmic Game Servers Affiliate Program

Would you like to earn money online or just have a way to get your server free of charge? Well we are glad to present Cosmic Game Servers new affiliate program.

Just follow these simple steps to get started:
1. Login to your billing portal at
2. Click on the "Affiliates" link in the billing navigation bar
3. Click "Activate Affiliate Account"
4. You'll now get a URL that you can give out or post to start making money!

Whenever someone uses your link and makes a purchase, you get 50% of the total cost!
For example, if someone orders a plan for $9.95, you will get $4.75.

When your affiliate account reaches a level of $25, you can either request a cash withdraw, or add the balance to your account for a 10% bonus.

Once a withdraw is requested, please open a ticket and specify which withdraw option you would like.