• Minecraft Game Servers
    Minecraft Server Hosting
    A server for all of your gaming needs
    Free Minecraft control panel
    99% server uptime guarantee
    24/7 Minecraft Support Available
  • Voice Servers
    Voice Servers
    Need to chat? You've come to the right place
    Free Control Panel
    99% uptime guarantee
    24/7 Support Staff Available
  • Dedicated Servers
    Dedicated Servers
    If you need that extra power, look no further
    Intel Xeon processors
    Multiple Operating Systems to choose from
    24/7 Support Staff Available
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We provide premium servers for your favorite multiplayer games.

High Performance

Running on custom installed and configured software, our servers are optimized to be the best money can buy.

Reliable Hardware

We use only the best hardware from across the globe to allow your server to have maximum power.

Dedicated Support

We have operators from around the world managing live chat and support tickets 24/7 to give you tailored, custom support

What's new at Cosmic Game Servers

Take a look at our latest products!

Minecraft Servers

We are now providing premium minecraft servers for a very cheap price!

Starbound Servers

Starbound is now in public beta, and is growing more and more. Get your starbound server now!

Dedicated Servers

Want more freedom and power? Host multiple game servers on one machine with your very own dedicated server.
  • "The support team are incredibly helpful and available at any time and day."Mark Coxen
  • "My server was deployed instantly, and i've not had any problems since!"Jon Andersen